When in the signs of judging,
some leads to misunderstanding,
or way of being brought up,
likely having the lack of sureness to know if it right,
common in most,
deadly to some,
even fewer for those,
that it just goes over their head,
for in some,
in all,
judging is a basic human reflex,
that builds and breaks many,
sadly the ones,
and more in knowing to happen,
is based on sight,
than emote of others,
that’s just how it is,
even if some don’t want to come to terms,
with it,
that’s how it is,
we judge those of how others,
stand to others,
from how they dress,
to how they carry themselves in steps,
race from a culture,
that many wouldn’t understand,
in telling or not,
sadly when it comes to the actions,
good or bad,
based on sight,
is the deal breaker,
of how another will go about it,
responding to shake hands,
or a knife in the back,
because a loose slip of the tongue,
that based rumors over facts,
of what makes a person,
not a fable,
this is just a thought,
in the next time,
at random,
another greets another,
try to know them,
before judging to despise them,
or becoming a friend to them,
it’s only a thought,
to judge on others,
and oneself,
so go on right ahead,
in how one chooses a moment,
for their selves,
one smile,
and one wary eye.




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