I have to say this is the first time that New York is taken it slow. what do I mean? well not everyone is in a rush. in Brooklyn everyone is smiling and and even saying yello to each other while walking do the street. I know it sound wired but if you live in this city all your live it is vary rare that the whole city is taken it easy.

New York is a fast pace city where everyone is in a rush. we have to go someplace as soon as possible. wWe offend do don’t take the time to take it easy and joy the good day we have. sometime we we can be rude without even realizing it. its this kind of unawareness that the city was voted one of the top ten rudest city in the U.S. yet today you would not thank that was the case today. Today I have a nice conversation with not one but 9 different people the coffee shop was partly empty and throws who was in the cafe it was nice and pleasant and over people was taken it slow. maby it is due to the four day holiday season or mybe it just the water. who know but what i do know it was a nice friendly day in New York and if only everyday was like this. Al well at less there today. Express Yourself

By Jockerlee 77

2015 Manic Express.com

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