No one wants to come terms,
to anything that doesn’t feel right,
with all denial that swathe away the troubles,
that batter down on oneself,
and to others,
all of those who don’t need to see it,
whatever the trouble could be acquiescence,
which only means in letting the pain,
grow more into wounds,
that became far from healing.

Shouting to others maybe,
wanting to cry,
slap at another,
who speaks little of understanding,
no one does,
thus rising in anger,
burning such a warmth,
that it melts away in decaying flesh,
in hope other will back away,
slowly and with caution.

Around out,
that maybe bargaining problems to level out,
that seeing things could be another,
but stay the same,
without really causing problems to others,
yet if it helps,
others insights do not matter,
not in a moment like this.

after all that,
when trying to by time,
doesn’t matter anymore,
sadness takes place,
in a black hole of depression,
rings true,
ugly tears wreck and break,
the shield that was once up,
is gone,
the hits come more heavy,
to where they are numb,
until they are nothing,
but just a daily thing,
to where it can’t help it all.

And now,
final way,
to let the life hits stop,
it is time to show acceptance,
stand up again,
rub away the ugly tears of hopelessness,
staying strong,
with a shaky yet still breath,
clean up,
and move on,
yes again those relapses happen,
but hold only to the coat tails,
reflecting of it all of past and future,
lean onto life,
slowly as so,
but so is growth on maturity.




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