Let’s have this only as an IDLE focus,
going on how things are seen,
but never fully understood.

Oh sure,
to be BORED,
is just a common flake out,
two-stepping ideas,
but never fully leaving one spot.

Nothing else on it all,
farther in thoughts,
and with life’s INDIFFERENT ways,
that are not always right,
nor ever fully seen wrong,
mortally speaking.

Angry emotions,
which snap at others,
are only seen as TEMPERATE cluelessness,
but never glanced over.

Falling back in the RESTRAINED lies,
which weigh down on the shoulders,
till they crack with brittleness?

If lost now,
CONFUSED tales derails from loose lips,
that in time sink ships,
truth on it,
a lifeboat is always there,

COOLED and emotionless passing is how one will be,
in this bright shade,
to withhold the signs of breaking.

Stay calm,
just stay calm,
have the stilled MEDITAITVE motions,
back and forth,
akin in grasping tightly to pelagian ways.

so broken,
as the sticks and stones painting the skins unnatural,
while the words scar farther in,
yet standing tall,
and falling into pace in steps,
to be a better person,
and find a darker tone to heal within.

To find the shades that just STUNNED most,
but that is the start,
of waking up and seeing things,
as is,
than what they could be,
twisting on thus so far.

Yet as heavy rocks,
weighs down on others,
letting the quiet screams that follow,
in time someone,
has to listen,
and the growth of aging,
betters, bitters maybe,
but better in stiffness.

If the shades of others become,
by some faults and truths,
you once more welcome the world,
half full and empty.

On so after all that,
living the world just so CONSTANT,
taking it in,
but finding ways to express it out,
starting only with a blank to go with it,
but something as it all.

No lies of this now,
others will be seen as UNENTHUSIASTIC,
but that wary smirk means,
they are from gone,
just able to hold it,
giving laughs when no one is looking.

To it all,
through everything as a whole,
one person of a light hue,
while always trying to be that one,
who goes beyond,
hoping others to follow,
or become new leads,
the styles of the PHILOSOPHICAL methods,
that are seen maybe clichés or the newest fable for everyone,
it just takes a blank trance,
and that is enough,
to expand from it,
with no need for try,
even if some follow a push,
or make the push.

In the flash of life and death,
that light of white,
will be there,
but what is the middle grounds,
makes things work,
while the fable moonstone glimmers of a passing sun setting day,
sure most could be lost in the mist,
so thick that it can drown others with no problem,
all while the sliding ivory makes the times,
easy to slide by,
if no one looks away,
long enough,
just as so.



With this color being my second best along side with the first color poem I did; This Is My Color No. 1. I hope it gives some insight of why I love these colors, and to also others who may or may not have a color that is to them, easy on the eyes. Still have some to go through, so this series is far from other. Later for now.

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