Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney Opens The Toy Box.  And today, we are looking at the children’s book, Woody’s Aqua Adventure.  This book was a free promotion on the Itunes bookstore for a Mattel line of Toy Story toys called  Aqua Adventure.   Example of such a toy is pictured down below.

Now,  I at first thought this was odd but I remember as a kid that there was a line of space toys featuring the Toy Story characters and not just Buzz.
I can’t recall if they looked like this but those do seem familiar.  What I’m getting at here is it’s just another variant on a Woody toy and hey, I find this more believable than Woody using a sword. Even if he did that in Toy Story That Time Forgot
I’m sorry but that just looks wrong.   Anyways, let’s get on with the review.   We will be skipping over the author as no author is actually listed and instead just go over the cover, the plot, the characters, and my final thoughts.


It’s a simple enough little cover that shows what’s going on int the story as our heroes captured Evil Dr. Pirate Porkchop.   It’s fun and I like it.

The Plot

The first thing, you’ll notice is that this particular story takes place sometime after the events of Toy Story 2. As Andy is still a young kid but already has Jessie and Bullseye.

Andy has come back from a day at the aquarium with his day camp. And has a secret possession that he hides in Hamm.   This gets Woody jealous as Andy shares all of his secrets with him.  And he really wants to know what it is but Hamm knows how to distract the sheriff and that is by asking him to tell a pirate story.   Note,  there is actually only one pirate involved and that’s stretching it.  So, we get the story of how Woody along with the help of Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye and Rex as their attack dinosaur took down the dreaded Pirate Porkchop before he made off with the ship’s treasure.

And in that regard,  it’s nothing more than a fun little tale for kids.  You shouldn’t expect much more out of it than that. There’s nothing too big or exciting to it for an older viewer but for a younger kid, they’ll probably love it and want to get the toys that they saw in this book.  It’s a marketing tool to sell toys.  And well, that doesn’t bug me because the story being told was still entertaining and I do appreciate the fact that they waited until the last page to advertise the toys.  Because I feel as though that allows kids to enjoy the story first and then find out that it is tied into a toyline. Toy Story would do something similar to this down the road with their Holiday special, Toy Story That Time Forgot but unlike this, that felt a bit cheap. But seeing as I’ll be reviewing that, I don’t want to say too much.


Gotta be honest here and say that there isn’t a whole lot that I could say about the characters.  Because seeing as this was just a children’s book meant to sell toys, there was no depth to the characters here.  Now yes, things that are meant to sell toys such as MLP can have depth to their characters but this is a bit different as these characters have long been established and kids may already know how these characters act around one another. And to them,  it’s exciting to see their favorite Toy Story characters go on another adventure.

My Final Thoughts

Knowing what this is,  I found this to be cute and a fun read for this event.   It was funny seeing these toys in the underwater setting as that is something that I wouldn’t have thought of for Toy Story characters but it was handled well. Join me next time as I countdown my Top 6 Characters Introduced In Toy Story 3.


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