For throw who do not know There had been a new kick-starter project called Star Trek Renegades it is an independence pilot that wil be directed by Tim Russ (Tuvok from S.T.V) it take place ten year after voager had mad it home and the federation isn in shambles. with the new threat getting closer, the leaders of old must relied of outcast and bandits in order to take down the coming threat.

now s a long time Trekkie as will as being voyager my second favorite star trek show i and looking forward as to where the take this universe. i also love the fact you have lots of people who had worked with the franchises inbthe pass all in on the fun. the trailer to the show cool and you feel that the people behind has a story to tell. the only beef i have is that Paramount is not backing the project with i found odd and sad. like i said most of the cast form voyager and even some for the first star trek tv show and in on the fun so why not the sudios who hold the rights the it?

in all i hope this independently mad star trek pilot is a hit and hat off to tim Russ for making it happen and show the love he had for the fanciness. also not yes h is reprising his role as Tuvok in the pilot. I can’t wait.

live long a porsber and yes express yourself. ho and P>SWalter Koenig is reprising his role Pavel Chekov now tht love.

By Jockerlee 77

2015 Manic

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