For this to happen,
everyone must stay CALM,
can we do that,
or are we falling flat here?

To even say,
that everything is going to be,
is a lie,
for there is faults to everything,
but that for only on how,
you look at it.

There are just hues that are just,
reachable and understanding,
that you call it friend.

Though that FEAR,
never treads far off,
to rattle the old bones.

The hues fade out,
things become,
but never a full lie to slip,
thy little sliver tongue.

we take steps to be HAPPY,
just a second it comes and goes,
but the aftermath is normally,
a lifetime to remember.

The CURIOUS understand this,
and bleed behind their fables,
for those young,
to pass down,

A little THOUGHTFUL of shit,
it sounds like,
leaving for most to say,
and welcome those in open arms,
in saying,
welcoming to the real world.

Sure that silver tongue slips in COOL liquid gold,
down one’s throat,
drowning them,
but they’ll come back to breath,
when they wake up.

To remain MELLOW,
through all this trial and error,
is a chore,
for one to bear,
and to grow.

LOVING every moment,
can’t be done,
for all the small things,
but some at least try.

Got one to WONDER,
what is done that life road,
what future it holds,
grim and lighten.

To be AT REST,
is not now things are done,
and hoping for a happily ever after to just,
drop upon one,
no never.

Struck so hard,
becoming deeply INFATUATED,
this hue gives one,
lighter than most,
yet almost as deep as black.

To stay AFFECTIONATE to oneself,
and others,
takes trust,
and a little leap of faith,
to see it all,
there is far a god in sight,
for that alone.

In dream,
remain what the real world can’t touch,
be forever MYSTIFIED,
a kid at heart,
a wise mind when spoken to,
even if half of it,
is again,

Despite it,
that sheer RESONANT,
strikes and holds,
white lies and half truths,
mix with the honest and elder mind,
hello again life,
never far are you?

We and shades of this,
in a spell,
that breaks the rules,
while keeping them wall strong against everything,
in seeing everything in the glass,
than just half full or empty,
oh my indeed.

Rich fuchsia is a demon,
of two colors,
one bright,
one boastful,
well magenta stays in the grim,
the smiles never die when a joyful pink comes along,
ending with a magical Rubellite stone bears on the land for all to see.




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