There are moments to be an athletic being able to run at full speeds,
jumping up over problems,
while fighting back to make,
at least one win,
while there is also,
one or so operator,
building and designing,
making the small rule of thumb,
in hopes the business ones,
down ground,
whom is just at wits end right now,
and just going to tell you now,
live your life,
as you fucking please,
I can’t tell you to grab at your shoulders,
and toss you out the window,
and do something with your life,
on your,
about the true meaning of everything,
I don’t have the answers you are hoping for,
and mystery on is enough to drive oneself,
and it can’t,
and just finding all the wants,
now and nothing else matters,
but still,
calm the fuck down,
there are options to go on and do things,
on your own,
if you are coming to me or another,
to shoulder your problems,
because it is too much . . .
welcome to life,
being a bitch,
and with open minds and rough road seas,
ready to just drown you away . . .
sink or swim,
what is there,
you want an honest take now,
go out now,
and do things now at one’s will,
if you go to jail or ruling the world,
hey again life,
being odd as a coin toss,
thought so . . .
there is one you,
be it,
or obscure falls deadly.




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