oh please,
just try and remember,
there is only of how the small,
life lessons of being,
so on eternity,
but that’s far from it all,
oh sure,
to just breath,
and go beyond all things,
that in some other cases,
seem so little to others,
but means to oneself,
just on a shoreline,
basic mindsets,
long on a explore,
road of going nowhere,
blind to others,
but meaning to most,
that know the craving past road,
but the work onward,
is one own way to try,
leaving out in the distance,
seeing a red sky,
could it seen a raising morning,
or a fading night,
strike in the heart,
and take the blows,
being strong will,
and seeing the slow heal,
even if whip and salt spread,
becoming of how those inhuman men and women,
that live in a cell,
not only a prisoner,
of free escape that comes,
on just running away,
and always finding that moment,
that little warm gate way,
hell on earth,
that finds a freedom point,
in a misunderstanding world,
that slowly becomes clear,
how or when,
when one is ready,
so at the end of it all,
are you ready,
or do you just feel like staying seated,
or be a mover,
choose and go!




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