Be sure to check out the “Chaos of the missing one” story arc here first: It gets directly referenced in this review(sorry, I don’t know how to do chronological order on tumblr, so the post order is backwards, down to up).

Also this canonically comes after my Doctor Who Month post.

Storywriter: Blegh, probably not my best editing. At the least I’ve made Mattwo less of a Gary Stu by adding to his backstory and giving a reasonable enough explanation as to why I would seal a bunch of High Gods into Mat O’conner’s body. I had already come up with the concept of Matone and Matthree trying to control Mattwo but never really did anything with it. Also, I had been planning this for a while now but never really got around to doing it, so no, I’m not copying The Shades reforming of Sangurasu this time with the Apple. Besides, do you even know how many gods of chaos exist in review show stories? It’s getting kind of ridiculous honestly lol. Not that the apple was a god…

Also I’ve kind of been copying parts of Linkara’s review style (and some other things…I think (I still haven’t gotten a chance to do a “Don’t you know anything about science?” joke though)) for a long time now lol, so the voice style from the entity being used here isn’t something you can rightfully call me out on(not to mention I used this voice style before with M'(who I mistakenly wrote as M-block in this script)…).

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