Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney. Today, we are taking a look at the Toy Story Treats, which were also known as Toy Story Shorts that aired as interstitials on ABC in 1996. And unlike yesterday’s review, Pixar did animate these. But not all of the cast remained and both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks did not reprise their roles but even then, these are pretty funny. Join me as I countdown my Top 6 Toy Story Treats/Shorts.

6. Woody’s Nightmares

One thing to keep in mind here is that these still use elements from the first movie such as Buzz still thinking that he’s a real Space Ranger and they still live in Andy’s old room. Coming in at # 6, we have Woody’s Nightmares. While certainly not as effective as the nightmare sequence from Toy Story 2, these are still some rather creative nightmare sequences and the scene with Buzz and Woody having their heads switched by Buzz is a tad creepy while also being rather funny.

5. Channel Surfing

Rex easily had the funniest Treats. And this one is just top notch humor. Lame pun but I appreciate it. The channel surfing joke here just gets me. Again, it’s lame but it is so funny. Not that I would ever want to see any of my toys doing that because that would look rather strange.

4. Did I Do That?

Ah cross promotion. Who knew the Aliens were such big fans of TGIF? And Urkel in particular. I just love here how their cultish obsession has gone from the Claw to the TV because a lot of people with their favorite shows can be like that. Such as don’t talk to me during Once Upon A Time.

3. Happy Snacky

Okay, I love the meta humor in this one because Burger King at the time of the first Toy Story coming out had Toy Story toys. And seeing the cast interact with kid’s meals toys based on them is funny. And what’s even funnier is that this idea would be repeated in the Toy Story Toon, Small Fry, when Buzz is replaced by kid’s meal Buzz. Though I do like seeing all of the other characters as kid’s meals toys as well. I think by adding that in, you get something pretty grand out of it.

2. Paleontological Debate

I love this one because it’s humorous hearing Rex go on about something that is important to him but the rest of the toys don’t care. I’ve been in that position of blabbering on about things that I only cared about while others either could care less or simply had no interest.

1. Are Toys Afraid of The Dark?

Okay so admittedly, the toys telling ghost stories is nothing special but it’s the final joke where Rex is having trouble sleeping and Hamm tells him to count sheep that put this at my # 1 spot. Because he counted Bo Peep’s sheep. That idea is so funny and yeah, only three sheep won’t help but that Rex thought to do that just makes me laugh so much. I guess he’s never heard of counting sheep to fall asleep before.

There you have it, I hope you’ve enjoyed my look at these Toy Story Treats. Join me tomorrow I as look at Toy Story 2.

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