that’s what that feeling is,
just running low on life,
on reason to keep going,
so many ideas just pack in one mind,
trying to card them out,
from what thought is stronger,
and which one,
just needs more time,
before being shown to the light,
standing on that stage,
bright lights shine down,
aiming right at you,
wanting to know,
that all eyes are on you,
just waiting,
for something to happen,
but the mind just goes blank,
rambling off half baked plans,
stall for time,
but far from what the main,
events was all about,
pausing to breath,
ends up swallowing pride,
and not even a squeak of a voice,
can break out,
not ready for the next step in life,
what to do now,
on that,
is anyone guess,
to break a leg,
and show them what you are made of,
and make an exit,
stage right!




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