Hello My fellow expressionist how are you. well another Mother’s day come and gone this year was a happy mother-day because of the follow:

1. I had a change to give thinks to the one that give birth to me. And even throw we had fallig out of speacking trem years ago i had learn to put all of my personal feeling aside and give my thinks to my mom in a way that mad me feel a piece with all that had happen to me in my chlidhood. in fact I had found that in memory there was a lot of thing me and my mom ad bonded on and there was some good times along with the bad. as i explain this week J & J Monday.

2.spening time with my uncial and ant who is a mother of 2 as well as my cousin who daughter who had just turn 2 was in my uncial home.

3. giving my nice her birthday present and wacth her and her mother with joy as she played with her new toy.

4. my sister who is now 2 years cancer free had gotting phone call conversation from me

and 5. blessing all the new mothers all over the world.

Yes it was a good mother’s day. t less fpr me and my family some people clam that the holiday is over rater but like i mention in my podcast it only over rated if you let be in my opinion everyday is mother-day they do a lot for use and that along we should give thank to them every day of the week.

Express yourselves

happy Mother’s Days to all of the mothers out there around the world. you are appecated

By Jockerlee 77

2015 Manic Express.com

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