One thing I didn’t want to mention in the review (Hell, I’m worried that my use of personal first person pronouns made this review seem unprofessional): Seeing this in theaters gave me one of the funniest crowd reactions I had ever seen. When Vision handed Thor his hammer, some kid blurted out: How did he do that?

Interestingly enough, Age of Ultron was one of the rare movies I saw not just because I wanted to, not just because I wanted to write a review. But after a week of this movie coming out, I couldn’t bear avoiding spoilers any more. I was beginning to feel like Roy from the IT Crowd (a character I worry I’m already too similar to) in that I was fretting over having some big twist spoiled to me. Of course, this movie didn’t really have any big twist… for me at least. Also, if anybody’s wondering what IT Crowd reference I’m talking, I’m not going to explain it. Just look up the episode “Moss and the German”. It’s pretty damn funny.

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