Let’s start with line,
that at least a good amount,
and maybe reflected on the following,
with that,
let us get going.

Take a drink,
for the victory,
that was won through work,
of your own demise.

Take a drink,
to forget the regret,
which comes in daily life.

Take a drink,
that person is gone and most likely never coming back.

Take a drink,
because it what you found,
and there is nothing else.

Take a drink,
and maybe that brain will wake up,
and get you out of that shithole of a life,
that is like that,
because of you.

Take a drink,
because staying sober is just such a chore now.

Take a drink,
because by the time they get here,
you won’t feel the torment coming.

Take a drink,
because a new chapter has started,
but it will become more.

Take a drink,
just to have something to hold,
for it feels like love no other could give,
yet that couldn’t be so,
but go on,
love is love,

Take a drink,
to feel like an adult,
even for just a moment,
the dreams and nightmares will follow right behind you,
warning to that now.

Take a drink,
and another,
one more,
just one more.

Taking a drink,
to go elsewhere,
to just forget,
just for a little while,
hangovers or not,
what a bliss it was.

Have another,
one more;
promise this is the last one.

oh promises,
and made so easily with an inviting hiss and chug to follow.

You could say one more,
go ahead,
I am not the judging you.

Just the mirror that spoke,
on that this is what everyone does,
and not the one voice,
that should be listen to.

Go ahead and take a drink,
that’s one choice,
I won’t lie,
I have done it too,
having a slip every month is,
just normal now.

So have that sip,
savor for what it gives you,
it was a freedom choice to have,
why waste it.

Just don’t abuse it,
setting the abuse to others,
and oneself.

Just don’t abuse it,
overuse it,
infect others who don’t think the same,
don’t take a dirt nap . . .
you are far ready for it.

So take a drink,
when you are ready,
and let the emotions that carry with it,
don’t drown you.




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