Almost to my reviews with better audio quality.

Classic Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child:

Classic Doctor Who: The Daleks(The serial, not those non-canon spin-offs with the fake Doctor.):

Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion Parts 1 and 2 (before I learned how to properly export MP4s with premiere and Zippcast bumped up to a 2 gig upload limit)

Original Description for my Christmas Invasion review:

Was a Youtube re-upload, but Universal Music forced me to put it on Dailymotion instead. Have to split it for Zippcast as it’s larger than 700mb…description likely contains links that were mentioned in the first part.

Use this comment section, not the youtube one.

One last Doctor Who review. And what better way to celebrate a Doctor Who christmas special featuring a regeneration with a review of the first modern Doctor Who christmas special, where 10th Doctor makes his proper debut?

There’s a bit of ranting in this one, but hopefully the humor will make up for it.


Game Theroy on Donkey Kong Country’s Banana Wars:

Neck Snap:

Doctor uses guns(possible explicit language judging by the video name which includes explicit languge, I didn’t actually pay attention to the music…):

Classic Doctor Who: Terror of the Autons Episode 1(published between my Legion of (substitute) Super Heroes and Keep Calm and Flutter On reviews, and canonically comes right before the later)

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