Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney Opens The Toy Box.  And oh, I’m so excited because today, we get to start our Toy Story 2 blogs.  And I love Toy Story 2.  And we are looking at something very near and dear to my heart today. You see around the time of Toy Story 2’s release, Walt Disney Records released a Woody’s Roundup CD and I got this for Christmas, the year Toy Story 2 came out and I listened to this CD constantly because it was just so much fun. Though, it always made me yearn for Woody’s Roundup to be a real show.  How come Buzz got his own animated series but Woody didn’t ? That’s besides the point.   I hope you enjoy my look at some of these songs.

Woody’s Roundup
We start with the theme song and  man, this theme song is so catchy.  I’ve listened to this song, maybe five times in a row now and I have not tired of it.  It just puts a big dumb smile on my face and again, it makes me wish that this was a real show. Because, it’s just such a fun song.  And while it’s not my favorite Toy Story song,  it is up there and this song is rather nostalgic for me because it takes me back to seeing Toy Story 2 in the theaters for the first time and how I just fell in love with Toy Story 2.
Jessie The Yodelin’ Cowgirl
One thing to note is that each member of the roundup gang got their own song and some such as Jessie and Woody got more than one. It’s nice to have a fun Jessie song after the heartbreak that happens in Toy Story 2 as this is just so infectious and gives me an old timey country feel and I can picture Jessie singing this one the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Seriously, picture it in your head and tell me that you can’t see it.
The Ballad of Bullseye
This song is just cute and just so calming.   You really feel that Woody in the TV show has for Bullseye here.  As he showers his trusty steed with praise. It’s just so cute and adorable.  Like all of the other songs on this album, you just get caught up in it.
The Prospector Polka
This is probably the funniest song on the whole album.  I also noticed that I’m tapping my toe a lot during this number.  It’s catchy. What can I say?  It’s just that much fun.
My Favorite Toys
Even Andy got his own song but we all know who his favorite toy is.   Though, it’s cute hearing talking about his toys.  Though, I don’t remember Andy ever owning a Zurg, though one was shown in the intro for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command but that show wasn’t canon with the films.  The best part of the song is the end when Andy’s mom tells him to just take the toy that he’s playing with right now.
This was a bonus track on the CD and I get it, they wanted to include a Buzz song as he’s just as popular as Woody and while I appreciate the thought,  I don’t think the music styling of the Riders In The Sky, the band that supplied the music for this CD works for a character such as Buzz.  It’s not a bad song but out of all the songs on this CD, it was always my least favorite.
As a kid, I loved this CD.  I owned both this and the soundtrack to Toy Story 2. I still have the latter but I would listen to Woody’s Roundup more because the only songs I cared about on the Toy Story 2 soundtrack were, When She Loved Me, Woody’s Roundup,  and You’ve Got A Friend In Me.  Part of it was yes, I was a kid and I had not yet developed taste for film scores.  Woody’s Roundup on the other hand always made me happy and I was happy to see this on ITunes as I lost my physical CD but I now I can listen to these songs that were such a part of my childhood once more and that is such an exciting feeling.  If your’e interested in hearing the other songs featured on this CD, there is a playlist on YouTube with all of the songs from Woody’s Roundup uploaded.  If you are someone like me that loves Woody and Toy Story 2, you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of the songs because they are so fun.    Join me next time as we take a look at Stinky Pete.


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