that’s all I am doing now,
just seeing where the small things getting taken care of,
while very much by weight,
on the shoulders,
moving mountains to just get the bigger,
and very much,
the mind numbing questions,
out of the way,
yet thinking of it now,
would it all be worth it,
just waiting after everything has been set,
and just waiting if it was worthy of another,
waiting, aging inside,
thinking of everything that could,
just at any second,
could go wrong or right,
just waiting away,
as the time is spinning faster than choices,
being made,
can it work out,
or is just getting one hopes,
going down in a crashing ending,
worth it,
I guess,
on the matters on how,
this means to me,
and if anyone was in my shoes,
they would too,
want an answer,
for better or worse,
it was nothing,
that wasn’t over glanced,
and worth the fight,
even if waiting,
was mostly the unwinnable foe,
thus far.




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