Variety is the spice of life, but not all web sites share this philosophy. Many web sites devote all their attention to one topic, some niche corner of geekdom that they can obsess over. Be it movies or video games, comics or cartoons, most web sites pick a topic and settle in.

Thats where Manic Expression is different. Oh sure, you’ll find the usual nerd discussions going on here. “Was Age of Ultron better than the first Avengers movie?” 
“Who was the best Doctor Who?” “Did Splinter really learn ninjitsu from a book he found or was that a fever dream I was having?” But sometimes we talk politics, or we get poetry or fiction from our writers. Sometimes we get car reviews.

Car Junkie has been a member of Manic Expression for a long time now, practically since the beginning. I remember the first time I saw one of his reviews on our site. I got excited. By the topic… Well, no. I’ll be honest: I don’t care about cars. Hell, I don’t even have a drivers license, never have. I couldn’t tell you anything about top speeds or which car has the best engine, and if you tried to explain it to me I would probably glaze over pretty quickly. It’s just not my thing.

So why was I excited? Because Car Junkie was doing something different. In a site filled with movie reviews and Let’s Plays, he took a shot that people might find his own personal passion interesting. Year after year he has continued to share with us what he thinks is interesting about the topic he loves to talk about. Not only that but he was integral to making Outstanding Content a success, giving his time to help celebrate his community.

What makes me smile every time I log on to Manic Expression is the variety. We’re a weird assortment of people, aren’t we? Westerns, My Little Pony, politics – there’s a little something for everyone here. Whatever is on our mind, whatever means something to us, that’s what each of us brings to the table. Car Junkie loves cars. Loves to talk cars. Gets excited about cars. Wants you to know how excited he is about cars. And I’ll be damned if his excitement doesn’t rub off.

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