Let’s play the blame game,
what are the chances,
only one is the victor.

please think about it.

Blame goes to those at fault,
but what the real fault,
the main danger,
the minors the ones that brought,
forth for all the see?

The blame game,
is like sex,
with two or more people,
chain ganging,
the falling dominos,
clicking the tips,
of one another to fall,
until the last one is left standing.

Who is to blame?

The major or the minor.

Leader or follower.

King or queen.

Parent or child.

The blame game list goes on,
who is the to blame.

On one another,
it is easy to lift off the weight,
and drop it,
like a mountain to another,
crushing them,
with everything there is,
which goes where?

that is a question,
that has no real,
true answer,
do you have one,
on a game,
that is treated like cops and robbers.

What is there else to say,
that a game like this,
needs cheats and better profound rules.

Before someone gets hurt,
got it?

Please say you do,
or are you planning to put the weight,
on someone else to handle,
because the things going on now,
matter more,
than fixing larger problems,
from bleeding into your own?

Blame it,
and game it,
that is a game over,
like no other.




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