Hey everyone, Chilton here with a few updates. It might end up being a relatively short blog, but whatever.

  1. Cinemania–Recently, I uploaded what I thought would be the intro to Cinemania since I’ve been planning to make it a video series. However, just like virtually everything else I’ve done, it might end up being a regular blog. Like I’ve said many times before, this options just seems like the easiest route, especially given the stuff I want to review. Yes, I know I can just as easily buy everything I want to review on Amazon or Ebay or whatever, but at the same time, I can also stream movies, tv shows, and anime on Netflix or Crunchyroll. And I feel that typing out my opinions might be more comfortable for me than talking into a camera all the time. That being said…
  2. Chilton’s Soapbox–Even though the Soapbox series is a blog, I’ve always intended for this to be a video series. So since I probably won’t do this often, I’m considering the possibility of making Soapbox videos…or at least voiceovers. Still, I’m still thinking of stuff to talk about, so stay tuned.
  3. ABCs of Manic–James recently stated that the most current deadline for sending in short videos was July 1. So if you want to be a part of this, send it to me at chilton112011@yahoo.com. I also have a Dropbox with the same email address. Some have sent their videos to James, but while that’s fine, I would prefer that you send them to me. And if you’ve already sent a video to one of us, thanks! It’s gonna take a while, but I appreciate the patience.

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading, and take care.

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