Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and we are keeping the toy box open as we explore the very first Pixar villain as we take a look at Sid from the first Toy Story.  Per usual, this will include Voice Actor, First Appearance,  Personality, Lackey, Most Evil Deed, Demise, and finally, Is Sid A Good Villain?   With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Voice Actor

Erik Von Detten

Now I’m not sure, if this was Erik Von Detten’s first role or not but I do know that over time, he had many other roles with Disney such as being the voice of Lawson on Recess  and a minor role in Tarzan as Flynt.


I don’t wish to be harsh  on Von Detten’s voice acting as he was still in younger years but having said that, his voice acting was adequate.  It wasn’t bad but nor was it memorable.   It’s probably the least memorable voice acting in the first Toy Story movie.

First Appearance

We get our first glimpse of Sid, when Woody uses Lenny to view Sid blowing up a Combat Carl

Now, this does give an idea of why Sid is such a legitimate threat to the toys.  As he take pleasure in tormenting toys.   Now, we see more of Sid and get a better feel of what he’s about at the Pizza Planet.


As the Disney Wiki puts it, Sid is an 11 year old toy terrorizer.  And really, there’s nothing more to his character than that.   He tortures toys for fun.  Obviously, not the deepest or most compelling of villains.  There is nothing more to say about his personality other than that.  Sure,  some of the things that he does to the toys such as the mutant toys is cruel but seeing as we are looking at an 11 year old character, one could argue that he was going through a phrase. And as a side note,  apparently it took him some time to learn his lesson because he was the main villain of an arc for the Monsters Inc. comic books, where he teamed up with Waternoose and used the Monster’s doors mechanics to steal other kid’s toys.

Though I don’t think the comics are canon, so that can be easily dismissed.



Scud is the closest thing that we have to a lackey in this film.  He’s just Sid’s dog and the final chase has more to do with him as he chases Woody and Buzz through the streets as they try to escape.     Again, he’s nothing more than an angry dog.

Most Evil Deed

I would actually argue that Sid’s  most evil deed  has nothing to do with our main characters but rather how he viciously tormented and tore apart poor innocent toys resulting in the mutant toys.

Something interesting to note here is that you’ll notice that unlike Andy’s Toys that none of The Mutant Toys ever talk. I don’t know if this was meant to hint at something but I almost take it as that after Sid mutilated them, they lost their will to live and figured that there was nothing they could and decided that they had nothing left to say. In essence, they gave up on life and became introverted shut-ins.  I know that I am  reaching here with this speculation but that’s what makes this so fun.


Sid’s Demise in the film is probably the most memorable scene involving Sid.


This scene is just freaky in all the right ways and Sid needed this scare to stop him from hurting the toys.  It’s the best scene with Sid because the tables are turned on him.   Now, Sid would later appear in Toy Story 3 now as an adult.  He’s the garbage man seen at the beginning of the movie.

He’s now an adult and one may hope and assume that with his youth behind him that he has grown out of his torturous ways.

Is Sid A Good Villain?

I’m gonna say no, not particularly.  I’d say along with Chick Hicks, he’s perhaps Pixar’s least interesting villain.   There isn’t a whole lot to him and in some respects, he feels unneeded as the main conflict between Woody and Buzz was interesting enough on it’s own without throwing in a bad guy. Also, I think the sequels show that Toy Story villains are much more interesting, when they too are toys.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my look at Sid. Join me tomorrow as we look at something I looked at years ago as I revisit….

Toy Story: The Musical


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