Writer’s Block
I wanted to write my typical article as I do every week, but honestly, I can’ think of anything to write about it. I have been grasping at straws the last couple of days for something that I would find funny, poignant or whatever, not nothing. What did I write about last week? Right. It was that whiney article that I thought was funny. No one else did. Everybody else seemed to think I needed to make a call to the suicide hotline. I will confess that it did come from a place of frustration, but I was trying to put a funny spin on it. Epic Fail! Oh, well. It isn’t the first time that I had a goal with something I did, and it just didn’t pan out the way I had it planned.

Maybe I could write about The Blacklist. The only reason I am grasping for that straw is that I am watching the show as I write this article. It is a good show. Interesting characters, good storylines, and James Spader is fantastic in the lead. It makes me look forward to his turn as a Marvel villain this weekend. I will say that the supporting cast is full of very average actors. The woman who plays Lizzy has gotten better as she has gone along. I could look her name up on IMDB, give you her actual name and break down what else she has been in, but I am not the ambitious this afternoon. The point is that I like the show.

I just saw an orange juice commercial. That might have been my best bit in this series of articles.

Also, I hate commercials. I would say that one in three hundred lead me to buy anything. The vast majority of them get the fast-forward these days thanks to the miracle of DVR. Does anybody remember videotaping TV shows when you couldn’t be home? That was a pain in the ass. With my DVR, I pick the program from the guide, select the record option, and watch it at my leisure. With a VCR, you had to find a blank tape, make sure nothing was on the tape you needed, pop it in, go through the giant pain of programing it to record, ensure the TV is on the right channel, and hope it worked right by saying a special blessing over this incredibly convoluted machine. I don’t know if VCR’s ever had a patron saint, but they needed one. Furthermore, when you had it recorded; skipping the commercials was very hard. The fast-forward option just didn’t work that well. You would hit play or stop, and it never did it where you wanted. Technology is a mixed blessing in many cases, but not in the instance of the VCR versus the DVR and my ability to skip the hated commercials.

Does anybody know a good ophthalmologist in North Platte? My eyes are fine, but I haven’t had a check-up in a decade, and it just seems like a smart measure to ensure that my eye health continues. I will ask around if no one knows one. I have been quite satisfied with the chiropractor I began using two months ago. My lower back has rarely felt better, and my sinus headaches have diminished. If anyone is looking for one, I would be happy to recommend mine.

Does that seem like a significant length to count as a blog? One more random thing as I fight through my writer’s block.

Today is May first. Did anybody do May Day stuff as kids? I can remember doing May Day baskets a few times, and it was fun. I even recall doing a May poll at school once. I don’t really recall if it was fun or not because I only vaguely remember it. It must not have been too much fun if I dismissed if from my memory ever if it was twenty-five years ago.

That is enough. Also, for the sake of consistency, soul patches are dumb. Even my insults are lacking today.

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