Greetings, Manic Fans.  I have to apologize to you for something….you probably had no idea about, but I’m going to fill you in, nonetheless.  Last week, my computer crashed….again…..The repairman was able to fix the operating systems and the startup disc, but accidentally lost about 70% of my files and data(including 90% of my iTunes songs and all my iTunes films..but I digress…).  When I went to recover my files using the Carbonite on line backup service I pay for, I discovered that it hadn’t been backing up my files for several months, and I lost some really important things.  For example….


1.  I had made a record of all the Outstanding Content of the Weeks given over at the other site.  I’d meant to do a blog listing them for posterity since the old site is obliterated and the records there are completely gone.  I’d just not gotten around to doing it yet…….


I lost that in the crash.


2.  I had copies of the M.A.N.I.C. comic strip I’d meant to transfer over here and begin reposting them…….


I lost that in the crash(I may just redraw them from scratch when I get a moment).


3.  I had an ongoing blog idea list I was working on about 20 blogs on….some of which were tributes, inspired by other blogs and collaborations….um….


I lost that in the crash…damn….. 🙁


4.  I had Pro Tools 10 digital recording studio to do music and studio sequencing for the upcoming animated Manic Expression film……..


THAT ONE WAS LOST TOO!!!!!@!#^%$@#!&^!@#%$&^!@%$&^%(I have the original loading discs, but it may not work twice since the system requires an iLock that probably can only be registered once…wish me luck on that one…).


Many of these items are irreplaceable.  I’m sorry I lost them, my friends.  I hope I can reconstruct the ones that can be redone.  I promise not to procrastinate on important things in the future.  Peace.

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