Hidden Blade

Hide in the corner;
don’t ever leave what was given,
never going farther than petty words,
yet in a way,
that’s not what it was,
far from it.
As you wallow in self doubt,
there is nothing else,
left in the problems,
that could be solved alone,
yet you wish for another to do for you,
what a waste of a mind,
that has become,
when all those micro cells,
that form on what,
you called a brain,
to used on what it means,
in a later life.
Yet while you hold that blade,
so close to skin,
what you are really,
owning up in the end,
of everything,
where in the facts of everything is a lie,
far deeper in a rabbit hole,
not even in lies and truths,
while in all,
form a bond that works together.
Do you understand that word,
of together in work,
forming a bond,
do you get it?
Put that blade down,
you are not weak;
you can stand and do things,
and go farther than another else,
if you at least try.
Don’t do this to yourself.
Don’t do it.
The angel and devil,
which rest on your shoulders,
don’t come close,
in the aftermath,
not when it comes to you.
Rethink this.
Rethink everything that is how it is,
don’t do this.
Leave the corner,
place the blade down,
hold your head high,
and go.
What else is there to say,
there is no need to be cuddled,
or hand held,
being lead,
to a future that isn’t a shine,
to one self.
Let the future reflect,
on you,
before thinking,
of seeing,
the eyes reflect,
within the hidden blade,
that lays thickly,
on your wrist,
hold it.
Think over,
and try again,
there is more to everything,
than just the bad,
even at times,
that’s all there is,
but if you only,
stare at the flaws,
where will that lead?
Try again,
drop the blade,
and come away from the corner,
and be something,
worth living.
at least try,
just stand up!




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