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Well since I’m currently playing through Kingdom Hearts 3D (with the levels based on Fantasia looking and sounding amazing) it’s about time we look ahead at what the future of the series could hold. What Disney properties are left over for them to make worlds out of?

6)Deeper Jungle: You know, this is probably the closest one to actually being realized and made. Mostly since it was in the original version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep before being Dummied Out. Still, since they don’t have the rights to Tarzan any more, it would make perfect logical sense to go explore the Jungle Book’s universe instead. In fact I was honestly quite surprised when it didn’t feature in Kingdom Hearts 3D, since they were obviously planning on using it. Nevertheless it would still make for a fun and interesting world. Teaming up with Baloo would probably be the highlight for me.

5)St. Canard/New York City: The reason I’m putting these two together is because they’re both from hit TV shows. Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles were the coolest shows when I was a kid, since they weren’t afraid to be mature in their content. Now I bet anyone over the age of 17 (aka anyone that didn’t grow up in the nineties) probably has no idea what I’m on about. And to that I say shame on you, since the nineties were the decade where everything was good. Anyway having either Darkwing Duck or Goliath on your side would be pretty kick-ass.

4)New York City: Remember how people said that Disney buying Marvel would cause the end of the world? Turned out that didn’t happen. But what did happen is the opportunity to have Sora, Donald and Goofy interact with Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. Now ask yourself, is there anything more awesome? No, I highly doubt there is. In fact you could make an entire game just out of using Marvel continuity. What a spin-off that would be. Someone cut all the red tape stopping this right away.

3)Toon Town: I’m honestly surprised that this one hasn’t been put into any of the games yet. While Traverse Town (the first world in the game) can be seen as being loosely based on Main Street, I’m surprised that no one has thought of adapting Toon Town. I mean another one of those legal issues where you can’t have any Warner Bros. characters in it, but that doesn’t stop Roger Rabbit from making an appearance. It’d be like Traverse Town, only far more thematically suitable. Plus it’d be awesome to see a random assortment of Disney characters milling around an area all by themselves. I’m still surprised that this one hasn’t been thought up.

2)Any Pixar world: At some point in the near future I’m gonna write a blog about how Pixar could be integrated into the Kingdom Hearts universe, but for now lets just imagine the possibility of having the leads interact with classic Pixar characters. Wandering around the worlds of Toy Story, A Bugs Life, The Incredibles, Brave. The best part is, I’ll get to beat the ever-loving stuffing out of that evil Lotso bear from Toy Story 3 that sent the toys to metaphorical hell and almost real fire. I’m still annoyed I don’t get to beat up Frodo in Kingdom Hearts 3D (since I’d love to smack that racist prick with a giant key), so we definitely need this opportunity in Kingdom Hearts: Pixar version.

1)Any world lost to darkness: Okay this is just gonna be for the fanboys/fangirls of the series, but at the end of Birth By Sleep one of the leads ends up in the Realm of Darkness. Basically any world that is destroyed ends up in this realm, where it’s surrounded by dark monsters. Now imagine playing through classic movies like Snow White or Cinderella, but surrounded in darkness. Having everything twisted and dark. Where you have to go through unlocking these worlds from darkness in some way. Meeting dark version of the lead characters. Sure Disney wouldn’t approve of their characters being twisted and dark, but it’d be awesome nonetheless. And the best part is this is the game with the most possibility. We might see this one someday soon.

So there you have it. Just a fanboy’s look at what could be in the Kingdom Hearts sequel. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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