What if BigBlackHatMan had no beard?
What if Moviefan hated cartoons?
What if Creepy were a conservative?
What if Richb didn’t grow up watching the tube?

What if Alex wasn’t Hollywood bound?
What if Fusionater wasn’t groovy?
What if SomeJerk from Boston wasn’t around?
Who would review all those stupid ass movies?

What if OX weren’t big? What if Madhog weren’t mad?
What would Shibby be without hockey?
What if OtherDude was a polite young man,
And Lady Dandy was from Milwaukee?

The world would be a much sorrier place
Without the music of Les and Ichabod Todd
And without Cartoon Physicist out there in cyber space
Who would tell us about Dinosquad?

What if Whyboy never spotlighted Cats Don’t Dance?
What if Decker had no hair?
Imagine Gurning Chimp or Timdiana without their hats
Who knows whats under there!

I like my Dad’s Uncool and my Canadian’s Moderately Annoyed
I need my critics, both Comic Strip and FanFic
I need Rowdy to tell me what shows to avoid
And T-Kun’s poems, both inspirational and tragic

I like to hear Armin tell me what comics are worthwhile
And then dismiss all of the haters
What would I do without Dom, Patricia or Kyle?
I’d even miss Ratin8tor!

These are my friends, the best you could hope for
Good people one and all
I’m so grateful they’re all exactly who they are
In their company I’ve had a ball

We are Manic Expression, the greatest web community that’s ever been
With us you can be whoever you want to be
From Jockerlee to James Sullivan to Jashykins
These people are my family

So come and join us, let your freak flag be unfurled
Whatever talent you have we welcome you too
Without Manic Expression out in the world
Who would talk about My Little Pony and Doctor Who?

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