Bases on a comic series, that at least to me and maybe a few others, that is just vastly underrated and needs a little more light shine on it. With that said, enjoy a short piece that hopefully gives a good sum of what I like about it.

He travels through many lands, understanding and acknowledging of the people who lived within the lands, seas, skies, and much beyond what others have yet to see.

The motivations for these actions are clear as a clouded sunny day. It is there, but must take the time for it to be earned for gathering.

May he never state why he does this. He does leave behind clues for young ronins to someday follow that path.

But his ways are never something to be taken lightly.

When death, pain, solitariness, old and new love, patrons, foes, and a muddled future weigh down on ye shoulders.

What a man or creature would ever want to live that life?

To leave behind many memories, good or bad, in a world that lives only in his head.

But finds a way to infect others with just whom he is.

And who is this person that has struck such a strong cord who knows him?

He goes by many names.

Yet, those close, who allow themselves near, without trouble.

He goes by Usagi Yojimbo on his journeys, anything else is by when a sword is at your throat, if you dare cross his path.

You have been warn, future ronins.

The End.




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