Personally, I’ve never seen much of a point to Dance Films.

There have been countless films over the years that are simply dedicated to the mere act of dancing and having it be the enter basis for many films and oddly spawning franchises in the process. While I do think something like this would work for a Documentary, It doesn’t hold up well enough to support an entire film idea. Although, it has sometimes worked before, but they were those movies balanced out with additional plot elements as well as having talent behind and in front of the camera. (Saturday Night Fever is probably the best example of that and having it work.)
Today though, I am revisiting a forgotten franchise that never succeeded with that concept, the Breakin’ movies.

These films were probably the first examples of the dance film idea with the two films being centered around nothing but dancing, and, not to my surprise, neither film did very well and were soon forgotten over the course of time…that is of course until they made a third one a year later called Rappin’.


Well, I looked at the first two films so I might as well look at the “final Breakin’ movie.”

Rappin’ John Hood is fresh out of prison and soon finds out of how his neighborhood will soon be torn down by land developers as well as it being engulfed by “hoodlums” who have taken up residence there. So, he decides to try and stop both the developers and the hoodlums to save his neighborhood.

Oddly enough, even though it’s considered part of the Breakin’ series, this film has absolutely nothing to do with the other two films. It doesn’t take place in the same area, None of the characters have any connecting to any of the characters from the first two films, nor do any of them return nor do they break-dance in the movie so I have no idea why this is considered a “Sequel” to the Breakin’ films aside from Ice-T being in all three of them.

Another odd thing about this was that even though it’s “connected” to the other films of the franchise, this film has nothing to do with break-dancing. As the title suggests, the main focus of the film is Rapping.


Even though that’s the main focus of the movie, there’s an extremely large lacking of rapping in the film. John Hood raps a couple of times in the beginning of the film and then never touch upon it ever again. Never the less, even if they did consistently rap throughout the film, the rapping from wasn’t very good.  Of course when the rapping fails to impress, you can always fall back on the film’s plot…which is exactly like Electric Boogaloo. It’s just a repeat of the basic plot points except they have it in a different location.

Just the other Breakin’ Movies, the characters are very forgettable. John is pretty much bland and the only trait was that he just got out of prison. Everyone else in the film is pretty much a bunch of stereotypes that were thrown in at the last minute. Even if they meet the characters from the first two films, they would all fit together and be the most bland leads possible.

Final Thoughts: It’s dull, Just like the other two. All three of the movies are almost the same in every single detail so there’s no real point in saying that any of them would be considered the “worst” of the trilogy, but this one probably would be considering how different it is from the others. At least I don’t have to see this series again.

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