One of my least favorite reviews that Nostalgia Critic ever did is the one he did on Full House.  In fact one of my very first articles ever was a defense of the show and why I liked it.



I am not saying that the show can’t be made fun of, even I can only watch so much. And don’t get me wrong, Nostalgia Critic (or Doug Walker) can hate this show all he wants. I just think his review was waayy to negative. He didn’t seem to get that the show was aimed for kids. He said it was never funny which isn’t fair. He also didn’t seem to get that the show did get better later on, that first season was so sappy that you really can’t judge the show by it. And he acted as if little gags were plots for entire episodes, rather than just gags within an episode. For instance he said one episode was setting up a hammock. No…that was just a joke in a B story of that episode!! It wasn’t that lame!




Ok, I think I got off track. However, all that being said it doesn’t mean I think everything he said was wrong. So to be fair, here are five points Nostalgia Critic made which I have to agree with.


Annoying Studio Audience
I am all for a studio audience laughing and having fun but I hate it when they react to everything. Screaming “Oohh” every time someone kisses is really annoying. This is a common complaint I have in sitcoms, from Saved By The Bell to Family Matters to even Happy Days (It drove me nuts that they applauded every time an actors walked into a scene….stop!). I don’t know why, just a big pet peeve of mine.





Corny music sting

Yeah Ok, that stupid music sting which would play when the topic of the week was finally addressed did get a bit annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad if they managed to spice up the the tune but it was the same corny sting every time! There were some times it didn’t even really fit the mood, it was if the creators knew it was the end of the episode and just jammed it into the scene.





Twins horrible actors
Now I don’t like to bash kid actors because they are just kids after all. But man Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit were just awful. Whatever made the creators cast them? Yeah they were cute but man, they could not act! Some episodes you can see a visible edit where they probably had to stop the scene to remind the boys of their lines. The actors got out of acting and keep quiet these days.






Bob Saget as Danny Tanner??
How in the world did Bob Saget sign on as Danny Tanner? I will never forget when I first heard Saget’s stand up. My jaw dropped to the floor. A few F bombs I could live with….man the things he says go way beyond that! And that’s fine he can do whatever he wants. It is just amazing that he of all people took that role. He was great in it, don’t get me wrong. And the character did evolve, season 8 Danny Tanner isn’t nearly as annoying as Season 1 Danny Tanner. But did he just need the money or something? All kidding aside Saget does respect the show and loved his co-stars. Heck he even di that hilarious Jimmy Fallon sketch last year. So maybe that stand up personality is as much a character as Danny Tanner was?





Stephanie was bland
When the show first came on Jodie Sweeten was the adorable kid with the cute lines. Of course she got older and Mary Kate and Ashely did that more and more. Which was fine and good, but Stephanie never really got a personality of her own. D.J. did going from a quirky kid to a more responsible teenager as the series progressed. True the series did hold her back until they finally let her have a boyfriend and do more adult things (like the time she forbade Stephanie from going out with a bunch of boys in their car). But Stephanie was bland, and never really stood out. It’s a shame because she was an adorable kid but the creators just didn’t seem to know what to do with her once she outgrew that.




Despite these gripes Full House was a very well done show that I will always have a soft spot in my heart for. It was innocent, it was cute, it was harmless…and we need more things like it on TV today.



Ok, ok. I can’t end this article without talking about the elephant in the room. I am sure it’s not news that after years of rumors, Full House is coming back! It is coming on Netflix as Fuller House. Apparently John Stamos will produce and it will center around D.J. as an adult. And how do I feel about this? I AM EXCITED!! If they do it right, there is no reason this show can’t be just as good as the original. There are still a lot of details to be worked out and/or revealed. but it does like it will happen in 2016.


So as you may imagine, this will not be the first time I will be talking about this one. I will have more to say  (including I hope collabs with my friends on here) as more of the details are revealed. I never really got into Girl Meets World because I never really got into Boy Meets World. But I was a major fan of Full House and will be looking forward to Fuller House with eager anticipation.



Full House lives my friends!!

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