Reflecting on that if big words,
were to make one smart,
would it fall under something else,
on a new different level,
to be just a genius,
or just a smartass,
coming on where that goes,
leaves only those who try,
but yet it can’t the total case,
for there are still blanks,
that are left unsaid,
and should at least,
be said,
because not to be smart,
but at least give,
that there is some sound logic,
being spoke of,
even if,
not everyone agrees,
conjoining conflict as they speak,
up scaling the world,
yet somehow putting balance to it,
as it takes big words,
to trance out others in following,
but the common words,
is what makes others become followers,
but also leaders,
and that makes it a true genius,
agree or not,
it was something,
that needed,
to be said.




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