Hey folks, I’m back for Series 5!

What happened to 1-4? Wiped out in the change-over a while back, but I might start posting them up on Youtube for people’s delectation.

In the meantime, The new series goes FTV (Free-to-view) May 2, with Monsters Vs Aliens! Or you can subscribe to my Patreon and watch it now: patreon.com/holandhot

Also, I never did get that full-size Manic Expression Logo for my endcard… :”,House of Love Series 5,,publish,closed,open,,house-of-love-series-5,,,4/24/2015 10:15,4/24/2015 10:15,,10562,https://www.manic-expression.com/forums/topic/house-of-love-series-5/,0,topic,,0,,,,
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