It always starts with a crush,
in showing an emotion,
which goes beyond family or friend,
bare bone in mind,
yes they ever really go anywhere,
that could amount to something,
but show one can emote to another,
and be in a short sense,
lasting in a echo,
but come quick,
as a early dusk moan,
of welcoming light,
bearing again,
that it is short,
but resemble not to be forgotten,
but not all,
leaving all that untapped want,
blistering slowly in a death grip of need,
giving away a cry,
soaked in tears from time to time,
ache just as a blinding sun,
but cooling as the moon,
akin to what would say,
in trying to say to wise up from it,
and grow from it,
letting anew shine for a new grow,
trying to find it,
that it doesn’t need to be,
and only be a one trip dead stop,
not in the never,
of how everything works,
for there is a down in life,
there is always an small up as well,
long jump,
or a shallow dive,
it counts,
together two will find,
not right away,
hits and misses,
are a let learn lie,
that growths into a harden truth,
that is saying,
everyone has tried,
yet recall on few,
that rarely ever gave up,
because they just can’t




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