Don’t be loud,
don’t be loud,
and don’t be loud!

Just keep quiet,
that’s all you are good for,
be seen,
but not be heard,
do so,
and maybe life will get easy.

If you are laughing at this line,
I applaud you,
as you are more braver bitches than I am,
who has to live in a shadow too big,
just too big to run from.

Is there anyone to blame for that,
but in remembering to also point at oneself,
is normally a step in the way,
in doing things,
not just right,
but your own right.

In never be heard,
speak out of how does things,
thinking too far ahead in life.

The world is changing,
but sadly everyone runs or walks,
at different speeds,
to where,
even now,
it is no joke.

Recall a chat between friends,
everything seems fine,
now in just a blink,
you feel like you went back,
a few years,
or even a decade or so,
because you find out a friend,
a family member,
or such else,
still believes in certain things,
that it goes beyond as adequately butt hurt.

What’s in the head,
should at times stay in the head,
for it might be not a clear thought from start to end,
no rethink this,
and try to be smart.

To go forward in life,
to go backwards in life,
relies one person,
point the finger right,
and you know,
if you are taking a step back or forward.

Just be less of a moron on,
when you do so,
makes the mess that was left behind,
from slipped mistakes,
easier to clean up,
got it?




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