I know I kind of blew the “Disney Month” I was doing (though cartoon all-stars to the rescue could almost….nah). But I have had this one on hold for a long while so I decided to finally get it out.



Unlike, say, DC Comics which tries to maintain a continuity with its characters (kinda) it’s clear that Disney doesn’t do that. Their characters are the same but little things will change either due to different creators or just the passage of time. As much as I love Disney, there are all kinds of strange things that bug me. From character retcons to changes which make no sense and often go away with no reason, here are five Disney questions I have never found a solid answer for.




Why don’t Huey, Dewey, and Louie ever age?
Seriously, what the hell? How long are they supposed to be little kids? I mean, to be honest this wouldn’t bother me so much. Except for one things. Max grew up!!! Yeah, Goofy’s son Max was a cute kid in Goof Troop, but as the series left to sequel movies he grew into a young man (er, dog?). So why not Donald’s nephews? Ok they have been aged to teenagers in Quack Pack and House of Mouse, but Max was old enough to be a valet outside the club? And in Twice Upon a Christmas he is clearly a young adult while Huey Dewey and Louis have actually been de-aged. What he hell? The answer outside the universe is easy, to keep these character the same for new kids to discover. But in universe, just once I’d love a story about Donald’s nephews were they weren’t bratty kids!





Are Mickey and Minnie Married?
At least with Kermit and Piggy you know where they stand. What is it with these two? Sometimes they are clearly a thing, and others they are closer to “just friends”. I guess it was implied in an interview many moons ago that they are married in real life, but on screen you get characters. So depending on the short, they are together more some times than others. That’s Ok for some things but not so much others. For instance in The Three Musketeers ok those are characters. But what about the shorts which show them living normal lives? And what Disney World? I have been there and I always imagined the Mickey and Minnie we see there are their “private lives”. You can buy souvenirs with Mickey and Minnie dressed wedding attire (believe me, I know) but that doesn’t mean they are really married, right? And yet it’s still not clear. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse they are clearly friends but that is aimed at small children. I have not really seen the new shorts so someone will have to fill me in on those (i hate them and will not watch them for this article). I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t matter, they are a perfect match and I adore them.






Why is Rabbit green in some cartoons and yellow in others?


To be specific in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh he is clearly more greenish. But in the theatrical films and direct to DVD releases, he is yellow. In fact, in “Very Merry Pooh Year” they re-show the classic “Winnie The Pooh and Christmas Too!” and you can tell they had to re-do Rabbit’s color so that it would match the rest of the film. My guess is that there was less money in the TV series, so they didn’t use the best colors. Where in film you could put more money and make sure the colors a nice (plus they have computers now). And some colors are harder to film, it’s why Cesar Romero’s Joker often had  brownish hair in the old Batman TV Series. But wouldn’t it be funny of there was some in universe reason for this? I’d love Winnie the Pooh just once to say “You look my friend Rabbit but….something is wrong”.






Why doesn’t Daisy have a defined personality?
Has anyone else noticed this? Minnie has her own personality which makes her more than just Mickey with a bow on her head. Yeah it’s girlie but, that’s fine it’s the whole point. Daisy’s personality is never constant! In the old days she was just there to be Donald’s love interested. And would just moon after him and kind of…exist. As the years evolved she would take a tone of responsibility. This was thrown out the window for Mickey Mouse Works, which portrayed her as a genuine pain in the ass! She was a motor mouthed bitch with no regard for what a busy body she was being. Then when that evolved into House of Mouse she was more responsible again. Finally, when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse rolled around she was THE responsible one. Seemed like she was the only one who did any work around there, whether it be a pageant or whatever else. In Twice Upon a Christmas she is shown as being competitive. So, what gives? Is it so hard to give her a personality and stick with it?






Where the hell is Roger Rabbit?
When Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out, Roger Rabbit was EVERYWHERE! He was jammed into every TV special that came along, new shorts were released in front of new movies, and he had a whole section of Disney World all to himself. Not to mention being in every parade and show in the parks they could get him into. Now I can certainly understand that with time most of these things would go away, but has Roger appeared anywhere recently? It’s not as if people don’t still love the movie, it’s a classic! I guess with all the new stuff from Pixar and all, he just kind of got pushed into the sides. Maybe he does still appear in the parades, it’s been awhile, but as far as I can tell he has mostly vanished. By the way, whatever happened to the Disney TV specials they used to have? Man I miss those. Anyway, I hope he makes a comeback soon, kind of like Clarabelle Cow did.






Now that I have opened this can or worms, please comment and let me know. And feel free to pose your own questions you’ve always wondered.

That’s it for me my friends, I have been kind of pounding out the content this month and do have one more idea before it ends. Till then!

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