Just the name made me fall in love

Like it rolled off the tongue

And into my heart

A name I wanted to sing

And a face I thought

I’d have to draw to be real

Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t act sooner

Mostly I wonder why I didn’t notice sooner

Your dark wavy hair

Your eyes brown, but still so warm

Your thin lips always seemed ready to smile

I may get older, but I don’t think the faces get sweeter

We met in Spanish class

I sat in front of you

But I somehow always behind you

I might have seen you after class

But we were always going different directions

The only thing I wish I told you

Was “Te Quiero”


Some of you may remember me posting this earlier. For those of you wondering about the oblique name, I may or may not have named this after a real person. My creative writing teacher praised the work and complimented my choice in name. He told me, “I really like this name” as if I created it. I had to tell him, “That’s her real name.”

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