Time for the shades to on the SUBDUED level of things,
of how things can be all wild,
there are moments to calm down.

On the lighter shades,
it’s time to bust out,
and just hit the walls,
in bright up everything,
but let’s tone it back,
just a few shades away,
and the TRANQUIL wave of understanding.

Not everything is seen as a SATISFIED plot point,
color coded,
and forgotten,
the truth of it all,
that it is not that all that simple.

there is lack of any doubt,
of being joyful,
to just be VERY HAPPY,
of how things work and go,
from start to end.

Quickly as a light shade,
to just be IN LOVE now,
than seeing where it goes,
in baby steps,
and those baby steps help more than,
what others think,
at least try.

Finding that INNER HARMONY,
not in oneself,
but also in others,
of that,
is how easy it becomes,
slowly while learning,
are you following now?

If not yet,
then for now,
just in a flow of DEEPLY RELAXED juggles of life,
those easy to get things,
that if they fall,
it isn’t going to hurt,
like stepping on a flower,
broken and dying now,
but soon,
it will come back,
and just as strong,
in time,
with a well used pace.

That’s how a TRULY ROMANTIC fool,
that is just hook on the sign of love,
than what the troubles are that come with it,
another late bloomer,
but we all have been at least once,
in something.

When finally finding that BLISSFUL feel,
comes and goes,
it never last,
but lingers long enough,
that someday,
it will come back,
but are you strong enough,
to earn it back?

THE ULTIMATE time breaker is here and now,
in your life,
which lives in this shade,
a tone so dark and cold,
but to the touch,
it is warm and a comfort to have,

Leaving all else of the INTENSELY PASSIONATE,
that this color embraces inside all,
for those who wear and stride color,
use it when you can,
and just live in the moment.

The harsh strides of indigo,
that lightens just enough to be a pure heart,
but fades back to the rare cut stone of lapis that beats against and for life.




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