In the terms of loyalty and abominate, falls in the lines of keeping the world balance, while a snake bites its tail in confusion, debating endlessly on what is the right and wrong. With a warrior’s heart and a demon’s thinking; becomes only a matter of time, before things crumble.

Hope in guideless, but focus from Ra who raises the run, by so a divided personality shrewdness foil, abused and lost, not even thy one own mother, Renenutet, whom only looks another way, implying all that in growth was meaningless, until the future steps were taken himself, a mindless fool, young two-headed Nehebkau, was to think his own blood of anyone was to help him. Even though the kindness touch of Ra, was that of friend, in worst judgment, they would be foes, unknowing of when.

A danger to all, yet, only to those who have less center facts of all the truth, who a spirit of the heavens, follower shield of the underworld, and crawling of the limbo alongside the humans, each seen as friend and foe; who is only waiting for the walls to crumble.

Nehebkau, a holy and unholy, divided being who hears both sides of the coin, with himself. Spirit guider and sustenance giver, to where, is only on which voice of Nehebkau is the strongest, and those of the other will, is alas the same. Though of this battle, is unheard of the most, the real battle that calls forth, is the battle one again oneself, nothing more so on that.

Yet, to it all, weakness and braveness, moving forward, is all one can do, in the land of sands, that ripple away the past, gladly embracing the future. Battle and all, there is no winning ever, but to survive it speaks wonders.




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