Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to pay homage to some villains who have really bad assed masks to inspire greater fear in their victims. They say first impressions can be the strongest. In these cases, that first impression is usually ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! And so, I’d like to list my top 12 scariest and most effective villain masks in films. Why 12? Because ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That’s why LOL! This list isn’t ranked.


Warning: Some spoilers and awesome villain visages ahead…


Darth Vader(Star Wars Episodes III, IV, V, VI)


I don’t think a list like this would be legit without this mask. It has become so iconic, it’s inspired many other masks…I’ll be covering one of them later on this list. Between the sinister breathing, and this grotesque breathing mask, Darth Vader inspired great fear even before he dark force choked his subordinates to death and slashed innocent victims with his lightsaber.

Shredder AKA Oroku Saki(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


I gotta say, I was impressed when this character was revealed in the 1990 film. He was such a fun villain in the tv cartoon, I was skeptical they’d be able to produce the look in a live action film. I mean, just LOOK at that magnificent mask! I want one!


General Kael(Willow)


There’s just something really disturbing about this mask that looks like the skull of that creature in the crate from “Creepshow.”  It’s even got eye sockets that, for lack of a better word, GLARE! It just looks mean and merciless.




This one looks like he’s wearing  skull of a tiger, and it looks completely bad assed. It’s a shame he abandons it through the centuries…but in Medieval Scotland, it’s awesome.


Jason Voorhees(Friday the 13th…Part 3 to….all the rest of them…what number are they up to now?)


Sometimes the simple ways are the best. It’s a hockey goalie mask. That’s it. And yet….when you see it, and the spooky eyes behind it. CH…CH…CH…CH…CH……SLASH! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


Predator(Predator, Predator II, AVP, AVP: Requiem, Predators)


Most of the film, this character is invisible, but when he appears, this mask inspires total intimidation….or course, what’s under it is one ugly motherfucker…but still…great mask.


Bane(The Dark Knight Rises)


We’re not even going to consider the bullshit attempt in the Joel Schumacher film whose title must not be named….Let’s just say Nacho Libre was closer than that monstrosity….but I digress. In the Christopher Nolan version, Bane’s mask was awesomely intimidating.


Lord Dark Helmet(Spaceballs)


Here’s that Darth Vader copycat I was telling you about earlier. What can I say….it’s dark…it’s large…and it has a cool swivel to push the faceplate up and down that makes for some great comic gags. Plus, it looks great on Spaceballs, the toilet paper LOL!


richb and The Creature….Major Spoiler….SKIP THIS ONE!!!! You still need to see this film!!!!!!!!


Professor Callaghan(Big Hero 6)


The mysterious thief of Hiro Hamada’s microbots, this villain wears a sinister Kabuki mask that exudes evil.


Doctor Doom(The Fantastic 4/Rise of the Silver Surfer)


Victor Von Doom has a metallic mask of terror he wears to hide his imperfect visage. While the film utterly failed to deliver the Doctor Doom the fans wanted, the mask was pretty faithful to the comic books.


The Winter Soldier(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)


The ultimate assassin for H.Y.D.R.A., the Winter Soldier wears an elaborate facemask and eye goggles to hide his identity. It also makes him seem even more impersonal and merciless.


Boba Fett(Star Wars: Episodes V, VI)


Ah…the Malandorian Helmet. It’s just so raw and sinister. Even if we never really see physical proof that he’s the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, the helmet alone inspires respect and awe due to him.


And those are my top 12 favorite villain masks in films. Did I miss any of your favorites? I’d love to hear what villain masks made you go WHOA! and stare in awe, my friends. Peace.

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