It’s another new episode for MLP:FiM, so I’ll just jump right into my thoughts on it.

Some Spoilers Ahead. Also This is A Very Short Post.

Premise: Twilight starts spending a lot of time with her friends and purposely avoids going home to the castle since she’s still not use to it yet. So, her friends decide to cheer her up by making the castle feel more “at Home.”


…and that’s where the main “conflict” is for the girls.

Each one of them adds in items and decorates it to what THEY think of what makes them feel like home instead of Twilight. Although I do admire they noticed their mistakes immediately, the quickly got into a fight afterwards over each other’s tastes and it did a bit tiresome and I just waited until they final figured out the final plan that would truly make Twilight happy, which was actually a bit surprising that they actually dug up the roots of the library and turned it into a chandelier (which was a very touching moment in my opinion.)


It was definitely surprising how the episode mostly dealt with how much the Library truly meant to Twilight, and Spike to a lesser extent. It’s clearly obvious that she loved Golden Oaks Library and all the fun memories that have been spent there and the other girls noticed that fact two as they each recall there own special moments they’ve had there. It’s a very nice touch that the show decide to enter that territory in the show rather than just writing it off in a simple sentence as some shows would do. It definitely shines above the rest of the Filler episodes in the show so far.


Overall, I thought this was a really good episode. It’s one of the best filler episodes so far as well as quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine.

(Hopefully my thoughts on the next episode will be longer.)


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