Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to do a follow up blog on my Top 12 Favorite Artificial Intelligences in Film and Television.

My Top 12 Favorite Artificial Intelligences in Film and Television(By Les)

Pretty Boy, Jim Bevan and Atreyu had some really good suggestions in the comments on some great AIs I’d overlooked. So I gave it some serious consideration and determined that DAMN! if I couldn’t do a second top 12 list of AIs that are worthy of this list. And so, here’s another 12 great AIs in Film and Television. These aren’t ranked.


Warning: Some spoilers and great AIs ahead…


Bigweld(Mel Brooks-Robots)


Now, “Robots” was an adequate film. It wasn’t terrible, and it wasn’t great. The visuals were good. The story, while formulaic had it’s moments. The characters were good enough for the cliche personae they filled. However, there was one character who stood out for me: Bigweld. This was a robot who filled a role much like a Willy Wonka type for being reclusive and mysterious, but eccentric and interesting once you finally meet him. Being voiced by Mel Brooks didn’t hurt, either.


Talkie Toaster(John Lenahan/David Ross-Red Dwarf)


Any fan of the book, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will think that this character was inspired by “Eddie the Computer”…or maybe the “Nutrimatic” on the Starship “Heart of Gold.” Basically, Talkie is a toaster with a personality…that goes spare if he’s not serving someone toast. It’s hilarious to see him pester the crew every 10 minutes to see if they want some toast. Comedy gold ensued when Holly got a super IQ enhancement that left her with 3 minutes to live and Talkie was the only one in the room for her to talk to LOL!


Rosie the Maid(Jean Vander Pyl-The Jetsons)


Sometimes the simple characters are the best. Rosie is a domestic robot who’s an older model, but the Jetsons would never “trade up” for a newer model. She did housework and acted as a surrogate parent whenever George or Jane weren’t around to watch Elroy and Judy.


Max Headroom(Matt Frewer-Max Headroom)


While this AI was based on a brain download of an actual person(In this case, Network 23 star reporter Edison Carter(also played by Matt Frewer), the character of Max Headroom(Name chosen as the last image Edison had of a swinging carpark barrier sign) had his own computer intelligence that produced a completely new personality. He was funny and quirky with a funny glitch that made him do these cool skips like a DJ doing “scratch” technique when he talked.


K-9(John Leeson/David Brierley-Doctor Who-The Sarah Jane Chronicles)


Companion of the 4th Doctor(Tom Baker), 10th Doctor(David Tennant) and Sarah Jane Smith(Elisabeth Sladen), K-9 is a wonderful robotic “tin dog,” with encyclopedic knowledge, absolute loyalty and a useful laser weapon in his nose. He speaks in clipped short sentences of 1 to 5 words. His catchphrase is “Affirmative.”


J.A.R.V.I.S.(Paul Bettany-Iron Man)


A super AI created by Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr.), J.A.R.V.I.S.(Just A Really Very Intelligent System) is a highly sophisticated sidekick who runs the household, assists Tony with his projects and helps him operate the Iron Man armor suits. Getting Paul Bettany to voice him was a slamdunk of casting.


Number Six(Tricia Helfer-Battlestar Galactica(2004))


Man created the Cylons….then they evolved. There are 12 models that look, act and feel…HUMAN!…and they have a plan.(Tremendous rollicking drumbeats….). Number six is the first Cylon seen in the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica. She’s tall, blonde and has a spirit that’s bold, sensual and oddly spiritual. Poor Gaius Baltar(James Callis) never had a chance…


TRON(Bruce Boxleitner-TRON/TRON: Legacy)


A security program developed by Alan Bradley(Bruce Boxleitner) to police the mainframe at Encom, TRON is the ultimate fighter on the grid with exceptional Disc War and Lightcycle skills. When user Kevin Flynn(Jeff Bridges) gets digitized by the MCP(Master Control Program), TRON helps him to defeat it, keep the system free to access information between programs and users and return Flynn to our world.


The Terminator(Arnold Schwartzenegger-T2-Judgement Day)


In the second Terminator film, the T-800 is reprogrammed by John Connor of the future to come back in time to be young John Connor’s protector against the T-1000 Terminator sent back to kill him. In the time he spends with John, he learns more about humanity and it affects his personality(which was bad assed to start with….) to become more personable in the way he talks and gives him an even harder edge to protect John.


Ralph(John C Reilly)Wreck-It-Ralph)


A character in a video arcade game who plays the bad guy of the game, Ralph is a giant of a man(in his world) 9 feet tall and 800 pounds. He’s a Wrecking guy who destroys the building that the hero fixes. He also has a huge heart and a desire to be the good guy, which makes him a fascinating character to watch as his arc develops.


Baymax(Scott Adsit-Big Hero 6)


The robotics project of Tadashi Hamada(Daniel Henney), Baymax is a medical care companion robot with an inner skeleton of carbon fiber and an inflated body of vinyl which gives him the appearance of a giant walking marshmallow. Programmed with over 10,000 medical procedures, a scanner to diagnose patients, a chest screen to show diagrams, a sprayer in his finger to administer anti-biotics, defibrillators in his hands for heart attacks and the ability to download databases for problems he wasn’t programmed to help with. He’s friendly, loyal and utterly lovable.


The Iron Giant(Vin Diesel-The Iron Giant)


A 100 foot tall metal-eating robot from outer space, the Iron Giant loses his memory and prime directive when he’s electrocuted attempting to eat a power station. He’s befriended by a young boy named Hogarth Hughes(Eli Marienthal) who helps him stay hidden from the government and develop a new personality and purpose. It turns out the Iron Giant has an automated system to go into battle mode when he senses weaponry attacking him. Hogarth convinces him he can be the hero and he emulates Superman from a comic book he’s shown. Vin Diesel bestows amazing depth of feeling in his vocal work on this magnificent character.


And those are another 12 great AIs. Did I miss any more? I love to learn about any that you loved, my friends. Peace.

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