How hard is it to say,
on what happens,
when finding a critic,
to facilitate is much uncomplicated,
that in others are fun,
witty, zealous,
and just plain ROWDY.

For that in some cases,
when this reviewer gives it his all,
the word best doesn’t come close to what he can do,
yet there are times,
small ones,
where it rates a C,
not in a bad way at all,
but more of an average Joe,
just like anyone,
giving his intake on things,
he enjoys,
just akin to those with sturdy wills would do,
in front a camera.

Living up a strong power name,
such as MOORE,
aiming that a kind person,
with a heart of passion,
just stretch his voice out,
for he holds nothing back,
and it makes him,
an ever top better critic than he knows,
but after this,
there is hoping he keeps at it,
for he is becoming a critic,
casual viewer as everyone,
who has a voice,
and wants to flex,
he can.




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