Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to talk a bit about the original April O’Neil in the 1987-96 cartoon series of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”


She was portrayed by voice actress


Renae Jacobs


April was a television news reporter for Channel 6. Her character was independent in her personal life and professional in her work. She’s resourceful and clever tracking down stories and unafraid to enter dangerous situations in pursuit of the story….unlike her spineless weasel of a director/cameraman Vernon Fenwick.


Covering a news story about high tech robberies, she gets cornered by a gang and slinks into the sewer to try and escape. When she’s cornered, she’s rescued by the heroes on a half-shell. Now to be fair…in this scene, April reverts into a damsel in distress to the point where she faints. It makes her seem weak…however, throughout the episode, and the entire series, for that matter, she gets tougher and more capable of dealing with the chaos that surrounds the Turtles…which is most of the scenes the Turtles are in, so April grows as a character and it’s straight in the direction of awesome.


Unlike other April O’Neils, this April is an adult(It’s revealed in one episode that she’s 28). This April has established herself in her career and her lifestyle. She also has grown very comfortable sporting an all-purpose, many pocket, yet still alluring yellow jumpsuit with white boots. Lets’ face it. She’s glamorous for a cartoon character from the 1980’s.


She plays an important role in the team as the Turtles’ connection to the outside world. And, as the only news reporter who backs them up as non-criminals, she’s their advocate against a world that is afraid and suspicious of them.


You get the feeling that if she’s been saved by Spiderman, J.Jonah Jameson would’ve had his work cut out for him in his smear campaign against the webcrawler with April counteracting him with support of Spidey reports. Then again, Burne Thompson is a pushover compared to J.Jonah Jameson


..but I digress….


April O’Neil may not have been a natural fighter, but you’d definitely have to call her an action star in the many episodes she goes with the Turtles and ends up running, jumping, climbing and avoiding foot soldiers’ laser shots to get the exclusive footage and stories of the Turtles’ battles with the Shredder.


All in all, April was a great part of what made “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(1987-96)” such a fun show to watch. Did you watch this show, my friends? I’d love to know your opinions on this April O’Neil. Peace.

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