This hue,
just wants others,
and themselves to be HAPPY,
for however long or short,
the emotion last,
it was there,
just for them.

It is just a PLEASANT feel,
able to pull it off,
sending in joy back and forth.

Dim shine of seeing upon it,
there is a GIVING and taking of everything,
it wasn’t a feeling to last forever,
but to rise from it.

JOYFUL the ride is,
like a rollercoaster,
catch on now,
or get lost in the sea of troubles.

This color,
wants to be PEACEFUL to everyone,
friend and foe,
though they are not shy to fight back.

To be just WARM,
against something,
a hue so cooling to eyes,
that gives the mix feelings,
yet not unwelcoming,
or a problem to care much about,
joy for that.

In a group,
they could lighten up a room,
to be NEAR BLISS of the sight of it,
and far from jarring.

LIVELY the shades bring,
turn a corner,
you catch it,
and maybe,
in the right place,
it feels like a greeting back.

that it feels like a hug is given,
and it’s only on the walls around,
you in the lovely hues.

Times as ever,
to be AT EASE,
relaxing the shoulders from the tension,
from a hard day’s work,
gone in a flash!

Only leaving it now,
to be CALM,
hard times come and go,
wearing one down,
but it is time,
to take them in stride,
and quickly so.

Before all this,
lighter tints away,
in a conformant nest,
in memories of common grounds.

Know of it now,
to learn the terms,
of being OPTIMISTIC,
blocking out the troubles around,
because without doubt,
life and work,
mixture a deadly drink,
taking the small sips of it,
is the only safe route of it.

COASTING by in life,
inch by inch, in ways of reaching a goal,
achieving more than ever before,
but the shade never darken too greatly,
not to get anything done,
fully yet.

Even though most dilemmas are never,
abundant gone and only just initial,
that the shade remains,
but the viewer and wearer are growing,
for they feel CONTENTED.

Forever COMPOSED on the inner justice,
that they didn’t feel,
thoroughly rushed in life.

As this color leans in to help,
a close,
on true LOVEABLE side is seen,
that just can’t be shaken off,
without letting copycats follow.

Around that makes the world,
powerful blue that strikes,
living behind a kind powder,
resulting in that cobalt shine,
right for the picking of the shades of navy,
all while the profound sapphire guides through and true.




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