Let’s try and do a NORMAL look of this hue,
for it is not over the top,
to the point,
and almost everywhere,
in all the right location.

Maybe in the distance,
there sure may be SURPRISED wows,
in knowing of where it goes,
but all the way of it,
shows just enough,
to leave behind an imprint not to forget.

The vibe of it,
so easily seen as a FLIRTATIOUS shade,
that drives others to respond back,
and just as rigid smirking.

Follow the UPBEAT flows,
jumping with the waves of glee of it all,
just as so.

Oh maybe seeing it now,
and not opening the book,
it leaves this only to a PUZZLED quip,
that doesn’t die,
and begs to known more of.

there is no rush of it,
for it aims being EASY-GOING,
wanting all to know,
at their own pace,
and finding the answers,
as they do so.

The EMOTIONAL toll of it,
doesn’t rushes the pain,
nor on it becoming too over fun.

RECEIVING the dos,
becomes the goal,
and with it,
a light baby hue passion.

When near,
they just give that SOMEWHAT RELAXED buddy,
that doesn’t do anything,
but at least keeps one,
on their toes,
funny of how that works,
in person and tint.

Sadly though of how it works,
on the INNER READING of this timing dye,
doesn’t always work,
in easily so problems,
or in really seeing the flaws,
being a focus or not!

But never let that STIMULATED drive,
won’t go away,
not as a,
very fixed shoo bug,
not a flick,
building a wall will hold nothing in the end of it.

When even down,
of it all,
comes close to it all,
just leaves all the INNER EMOTIONS CHARGED,
never quickly dies,
even to have healed right,
doesn’t happen at all,
does it all right.

Go to fine the fine pine,
that lushes the blush teal,
while the rain falls cyan,
that stones a sheen of a jewel that is aquamarine,
tints to shades,
nothing changes all the way.




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