Apparently I haven’t spent enough time on the internet after all, because someone on YouTube calling themselves “Catherine Lipscomb” came by and left a few responses on my video using terms I haven’t heard:

One says
“Dat C&H.”

One says

The third one is just a simple question.

A google search didn’t help much. They could just be playing “I spy” with the stuff in my background. (Maybe C&H is “Calvin and Hobbes?”) But for all I know, they could also be trying to bash me, and in that case, 3 different times is about where you’re supposed to consider blocking or removing comments. (I suppose they could have meant “monkey pomade,” as in it looks like I use it in my hair. And, well, fair enough, but still, there’s a time and a place.)

So does anyone feel like cluing me in?

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