Hello & welcome back to Trotting Through Life.  Last week, Hasbro on April  1st  released three previously unreleased Rainbow Rocks song and today, I want to look at them.  Going from my favorite to least favorite.


My Past Is Not Today



I think this was bound to be my favorite  for quite a few reasons.  A. Sunset Shimmer is  one of my favorite redeemed characters.  And I’ve wanted her to get her own song for some time now.  Sure, she  sang in “Welcome To The Show” but here Sunset finally gets a solo and it is…

I just love everything about this number and  after listening to it, I do wish that it was in Rainbow Rocks. It could have easily been fit in after the hallway scene where The Dazzlings taunt  Sunset.  While  I will argue that “Welcome To The Show” did give Sunset, her moment of triumph.   I feel like this was her moment of clarity.

I said it clarity, not Rarity.  Her moment of realization that  the support and friendship,she’s wanted has been there all along.   And plus I just love the sound of this one.    This is easily one of my favorite EQG songs and  please please give this an ITunes release.   Also after the mistreatment, Sunset got in the Holiday comic, it’s nice to see that the best EQG character getting some love.

Also,  how cool does this look?

Again, this is just awesome.    It’s  also  a nice contrast to the raging she demon (Sunset’s own words) that she was in the first movie.

Here as the song points  out,  she  is making a change and rising from her ashes  and this new set of wings symbolize her growth as a character.

Friendship Through The Ages


This one is a lot of fun in how, they found music stylings to fit the characters.  Let’s see here.  Flutters seems to have a Sound of Music  style going on.  Rarity  is  so clearly inspired by The Beatles and her outfit gives me strong Sgt. Pepper vibes.  Pinkie  seems to be ’80s.   Pinkie  is definitely ’80s but  I don’t know but  my brain keeps on thinking, she’s supposed to be ’80s Madonna.

The only ones I can’t really place are Twilight,   Rainbow Dash,  and  AJ.    I feel like Twilight is based on a particularmusician but I can’t tell which one.    Dashie and AJ  seem to just be generic rock and country however.

Oh, and that headshot  of the girls in the dark gave me more than few Bohemian Rhapsody vibes.

This is one fun, if only to pick out the different music styles used throughout it.   It’s  a joy to listen to as well but this one works more visuals than the previous one.

Life Is a Runway


I don’t hate this one and I am always happy for more Lyra because Lyra is best background pony and I’m sure others were happy to see  Derpy.  But ewe,  I was turned off by  Derpy’s  “Makeover”.

And also,  I just really find the sound of this number annoying and that makes it hard to listen to. Even beyond that,  this song disappoints me as a Rarity fan.  Because while it does fit her passion for fashion.  Out of all the Rarity songs,  we’ve heard, this one just comes across as really shallow compared to every other song that she has had.  Now as I said before, you need to take into account that this Rarity is not the same as this Rarity.

But even then,  there’s  something missing from this song  that makes it truly memorable.    Compare it to the other two songs  that had great messages.   My Past Is Not Today sends the message that people can change and Friendship Through The Ages say  that  while you   may not always  have the friends, you grew up with, you should cherish the friends, you have right now.   What’s  this about?  Be confident in who you are. Which don’t get wrong is a fine message to deliver but  I don’t care for the way, it was executed. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too harsh on this number.  Again, it’s not bad but   I do think  it is the weakest Equestira Girls song to date.

There you have it,  my look at the three previously unreleased Rainbow Rocks songs.  Let me know in the comments,  which one was your favorite.


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