The Skrit Na were mysterious since not many races, especially Andalites, cared to learn about them. So I didn’t know what to expect when I exited the Shormlit.

A Skrit Na that was wearing a red fur coat of some alien creature, as I highly doubted it was from Earth, and seemed to hold a position of power was in front of a group of other Skrit Na. It spread its arms out wide and said, “Greetings, Prince Eoptis.”

I looked at the Skrit Na, technically a Na which was the second stage of the Skrit Na, and was reminded of cheesey b-movie films from Earth. I think the term was “Grey Aliens” and they were the most iconic aliens. At least when i had left Earth. With what happened in New York that might’ve changed since I left.

And me and my family are honored to be here. I replied merely to be polite.

I highly doubted that the Skrit Na was happy about me coming here. They were probably more nervous than me. They knew that just with my Blade ship I could kill enough of them to escape without even getting a scratch.

“I am Reilig-luy-Ecneics.” The Skrit Na said. “My area of study is Andalite Culture.”

So you study? Inior asked confused.

Reilig’s reaction was to laugh.

“Those of us who are older and stay on our home world do tend to find areas of study to amuse ourselves with.” Reilig replied. “You must be tired from your journey. Pemalite, what do you eat? I’m sad to say no one studies Pemalites much anymore. I couldn’t find anyone on such short notice.”

“I don’t eat meat for the most part. Unless the creature was slaughtered in a peaceful manner.” Chee replied.

“We can manage.” The Skrit Na replied.

I hope we can negotiate over dinner. I told Reilig.

“We were going to ask you if you didn’t mind as you might be too tired.”

When will dinner be?

“In five hours. In the meantime we will show you to your rooms and there will be some Na to escort you around town.” Reilig said and bowed.

I looked at my family who were all nervous. Except for Chee whose expression I took for boredom.

We will appreciate it. I said. Then Reilig and his group led the way.

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