So there are three types of characters. The main characters. The secondary characters. And then you have the Tertiary characters. These are characters with roles very small, maybe just a couple of scenes, and often do nothing except to, well, be there they but are memorable characters nevertheless. Sometimes they are comic relief, sometimes they are meant to be what starts the story and/or be rescued at the end, and other times they are just there to fill a role that that the main characters can’t fill.



The other day I talked about Tertiary villains, today it’s time to look at the other side of the coin. These are the good guys that don’t have as much to do, usually only one or maybe two real memorable moments, but they manage to stand out anyway and are as remembered as any pf the major characters.




#5. Gepetto (Pinocchio)
Went back and forth on this one. The funny thing is, Gepetto is a minor character in this movie. He vanishes for a large part of it, until the last act when we find out he was eaten by a whale. But that alone speaks for how much heart this guy has. I have said bad things about this movie (it was scary, etc) but the parts I did like were mostly the parts that involved Gepetto. He’s such a nice guy that we are genuinely happy in the end when his wish comes true and Pinocchio does indeed become a real boy. He even gets a laugh when he is also crying over his dead son’s body. That isn’t easy to do!





#4.Skuttle (The Little Mermaid)


I loved Buddy Hacket, if you’ve never seen him in movies or anything he is worth checking out. He was simply funny because of how he talked, which sounds insensitive but he loved it. No wonder then I like the one Disney character he voiced, Skuttle. He’s a very kind, if slightly eccentric, seagull who tends to gets his facts confused. It is through him that Ariel gets her treasured objects from the surface. Sebastian rocked and Flounder was cute, but Skuttle was funny every time he was on screen. He even tries to help Ariel fall in love with Eric…not well, but he tries!!!






#3.Bo Peep (Toy Story)
I had a Toy Story character on the villain list so it seemed only fair to have one on here. And for a character who does as little as Bo Peep does in the first movie, and less in the second, a surprising lot of people remember her and loved her. So much so they were pissed she was dismissed so unceremoniously from the third movie. Why? Was it because Annie Potts did a such a good job giving her such a sweet personality? Is it because she felt like the only toy who was mature and level headed with a big heart?  Or was her chemistry to Woody just irresistible? Well, whatever it is this is one minor character everyone seems to love. Andy used her as a “damsel in distress” when he played with his toys, but in reality she was almost a mother figure for the others. And as I noted there was a chemistry between her and Woody which sadly the movies failed to really explore.






#2.Mrs Jumbo (Dumbo)

I don’t love this movie but I do really like parts of it. The crows are the best part, but I decided to instead talk about Mrs.Jumbo. She is one of the sweetest characters Disney ever created.  I love the scene where she stands up for he son. She has accepted his son and loves him no matter what, and when he gets picked on and teased she ain’t about to let that happen! And if you can watch “Baby Mine” without crying, well, good job because I can’t. She just loves her son no matter what, and my favorite moment I think is the final scene where they are reunited. I know it sounds weird but when Dumbo gives her kisses a she scoops him up, and he gives her a big hug with his ears… I totally buy that moment.







#1. Sarabi (The Lion King)
When this movie first came out I knew what happened to Simba’s father, but had no clue to his mother. No one would tell me, they said I had to watch it. Well, I did. And I loved Simba’s mother! Yeah she doesn’t do a whole lot but every scene she is in she is just awesome. She is cool in the start, giref stricken in the middle, and is not afraid to stand up to Scar at the end. You know after he slaps her that, if Simba hadn’t appeared, she would have gotten up and spat in his eye or something! She was awesome!  Voiced by the late Madge Sinclair who managed to make her easy going but not so much she couldn’t handle herself. She was in charge of the Lionesses and I can totally see why. Every moment on screen she radiates confidence and, by the way, total love for her son. Even when she hears the “truth” that Simba killed Mufasa she clearly can’t accept that the son she loves could have done such a think. Of course when the real truth is revealed, well, she leads the charge against Scar! Well Ok Nala does really, but Sarabi is right behind her!






Disney movies are always full of memorable characters we never forget. Comment and let me know who you think belongs here.

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