Through all the shades,
focus on this,
as seen NORMAL,
a default color in wears and outcomes.

For as to why:
as it could be just GOOD on the eyes,
no lies there,
for it is only a fact to know.

just as that,
it brings no real stress,
just as so.

The hue of it all,
so dark at times,
that it can be CALM,
but very outstanding.

On that,
anyone could be EASILY AMUSED at the end of day,
but that’s of how those people are,
and the shade itself.

Only the lighter tints,
they come off SENSITIVE,
over the large of life,
and the small kinks.

On so of that,
it becomes as ENVY to why,
yet no real answer given.

Where it lands on,
moves to the JEALOUSY that runs thick,
but fades away,
into a pale shade.

If anything,
the big huge must is to remain NEUTRAL,
no matter the problems,
best to hear it all out.

Don’t be so TOUCHY of how it ends,
it is only a color,
a define color,
that just wants to get through life,
as everyone else.

Though stay ALERT,
for mostly,
they can turn,
only to defend when the hurt emotions,
becomes too much,
heads up.

If anything in their actions,
AMBIVALENT feelings go,
and just go from start to end,
easy to say.

this hue is just as this,
unsure of everything,
but goes on staying level headed,
no matter the tribulations that follow.

This color just wants to stay INVOLVED,
brave soul they are,
hues and tints of all,
go so.

INNER DISQUIET comes of it all,
but again,
it is all about to stay true,
end of story.

Gone into the traces of green,
that darken in jade,
that become popping out the ground like asparagus,
leaving next as the sea,
of pure deep emerald that comes from a wonderful twilight evening.




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